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What is IELTS?


International English Language Testing System (IELTS), it is the most popular known English language proficiency test for study, immigration and work related applications.

The results are recognized in in 140 countries around the world by more than 10,000 organizations, and including educational institutions along with other relevant entities who require English proficiency.

The test is developed by international team of professionals after which it undergoes extensive research to ensure it is fair and unbiased for candidates regardless of their nationality, gender, lifestyle or location and/or background.

IELTS test format

IELTS test consist of four language skills: listening, writing, reading and speaking. The Listening, Reading and Writing tests is conducted on the same day, with no breaks in between. Depending on the test centre, speaking test may be on the same day or schedule on a near date. The total time for the test is under three hours.

Know more about the Test Format

Is the IELTS Test format fairer for test takers?

IELTS Test is conducted in a way that gives candidate a quiet room for speaking test with no interruptions or any distractions.

IELTS Test recognizes that candidates have different approaches to answering any question. Candidate can make changes to Reading answers during the hour of the Reading test and adjust Writing responses during the Writing Test.

Why consider IELTS?

It is the most recognize test by world’s most reputable universities and colleges that accepts IELTS results as English language proficiency.

This test is for professionals where certified registered bodies accepts IELTS result, including accounting, engineering, medicine, law, nursing, pharmacy and even teaching organizations in many countries. This compiles that after completing studies, candidate may need to take the test in order to gain professional certification at English-speaking countries. Choosing to appear for IELTS test will take candidate to enter university English requirements

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